With 3 national parks, 1 regional park and 37 nature reserves, Abruzzo is considered the greenest region in Europe. 

The most protected Italian natural heritage of the entire Mediterranean area. 

Abruzzo is a piece of earthly paradise that preserves ancient stories and distant traditions, a region that knows how to marvel with beauty and simplicity, which is told through its flavors and the veracity of its people. 

Sea and mountains, rivers and lakes, art and culture, history and folklore, tradition and typical flavors. Abruzzo is, in short, a miniature Italy. 

Villa Verna, suspended in an extraordinary panorama that frames the sea and the mountain in a few kilometers, invites you to discover the magic of this land. 

Pescara - 10 Km from Villa Verna

 Pescara, the birthplace of the poet Gabriele D'Annunzio, is the capital of the nightlife of Abruzzo. The promenade, Piazza Salotto and the clubs of the city center offer ample alternatives for entertainment and fun evenings. 

For lovers of cycling we recommend visiting it by bike taking advantage of the "Ponte del Mare", the panoramic bike path. 

Costa dei Trabocchi - 20 km from Villa Verna

Do not look for them in the rest of the world. The trabocchi, the authentic ones, are only here, on the coast of Abruzzo in the stretch from Ortona to Vasto (Ch). 

Beyond the beauty of the beaches that characterize this stretch of the Adriatic coast, the real attraction of these places are the trabocchi. That is, wooden stilts, often of ancient construction, used for fishing. 

On the trabocchi it is possible to eat typical specialities with the fish just hoisted with the net. One above all: the "brodetto di pesce". Wine: "Trebbiano d'Abruzzo". 

Maiella National Park - 58 Km from Villa Verna 

"Montagna Madre" and "Montagna Sacra" are the names with which the people of Abruzzo call the Maiella which, together with the Gran Sasso d'Italia, represent the 2 highest peaks of the entire Apennine chain. 

Within the Maiella National Park are protected 7 nature reserves. A landscape and natural heritage that has over 2,000 plant species (about a third of all Italian flora) and over 150 animal species. 

For lovers of trekking and long walks in the mountains the Maiella National Park is a stop (with sea view) of absolute suggestion. 

Abbey of S. Liberatore in Majella - Serramonacesca (Pe) 

The sacredness in Abruzzo is kept in the places of silence. 

The wild and uncontaminated nature has been for centuries the spiritual call of monks and hermits looking for remote and distant shelters. 

A cultural, artistic and architectural richness of which Abruzzo has always preserved its extraordinary beauty. 

The Abbey of S. Liberatore in Majella is one of the oldest monasteries in Abruzzo (10th century), and is only one among the hundreds of abbeys, hermitages and churches in the area. A spiritual path for those who want to isolate themselves in their thoughts and in the heart of timeless landscapes. 


The Castle of Rocca Calascio in the province of L'Aquila is one of the most appreciated "medieval icons" of Abruzzo in Italy and in the world. 

Set like a jewel of stone in one of the most evocative landscapes of Abruzzo, the Castle of Rocca Calascio every year attracts thousands of visitors, fascinated not only by the timeless history, but also and above all by the surreal atmosphere that surrounds it. 

Atmosphere and panorama appreciated also by directors and screenwriters who have chosen it as a film set for important Italian and international productions. 

In fact, in the Castle of Rocca Calascio were filmed the scenes of Amici miei - Atto II (Italy,1982), Ladyhawke (USA - 1985), Il viaggio della sposa (Italy, 1997) and L'orizzonte degli eventi (Italy, 2005). The rock is also visible in some scenes of the film The American (USA, 2010) with George Clooney. 


It is one of the must destinations for those who want to travel in Abruzzo in search of unspoilt places away from the chaos and the "noise" of the city. 

Lake Scanno is a mountain lake located in the province of L'Aquila that is not only a purely naturalistic destination, but includes also a series of points of 

artistic, cultural and religious interest belonging to the ancient history of Abruzzo. 

Together with Lake Scanno you can visit the historic center of Scanno, the path of the Heart, the Church of Madonna del Lago, Frattura Vecchia and the statue of the Woman of Scanno. 

The stories of Abruzzo are still many and all different.

For example, the folklore, culinary traditions and historical re-enactments of Abruzzo attract thousands of tourists and curious people every year. 

If during your stay at Villa Verna you want to live one of these experiences, ask Eva for information. She will be happy to suggest places and events not to be missed. 

For more information write to reception@villaverna.it or call 342.6332746 

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